Diamond Shape

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Introduction To Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds are extracted through mining and are polished well to make a rough diamond into a precious stone. There are many speculations about the extraction of the diamond and the ultimate question arises about the one that is originated from a conflict or a war. In the year 2006, the world witnessed diamond extraction from a completely different perspective.The release of Bloody Diamond, a film targeting the subject worked as an eye-opener. The purchasing of diamonds post awareness has added a new bench-mark to the process. Ethically sourced Diamonds are sustainable and preferred by the people at large.

Defining Conflict-Free Diamonds

The conflict diamonds are the ones that are extracted to finance wars, an act that is completely against mankind. These are sourced to carry out inhuman activities which are illegal, against government, harmful for human beings.

The concept of “conflict-free” diamonds targets towards freeing of natural diamonds as per the guiding policies and principles created by concerned authorities. The introduction of the Kimberly Process by the United Nations in partnership with various government and non-government organizations is strictly followed and adopted by Rosec Jewel. We are abiding by governing rules and policies without a fail.

Rules And Regulation As Per The Kimberly Process

An initiative that aims to offer complete transparency about the diamond industry and trading of rough diamonds is unfortunately influenced by rebel groups. In the year 2003, a process to offer certification of ethical sourcing of rough diamonds was introduced to loosen the influence of rebel groups over the diamond industry. Soon the growing association became a family of fifty-four participants from eighty-two nations around the world. As a result, diamonds are only shipped in sealed containers with the KPC (Kimberly Process Certification).

Kimberly Process

Ethical Practices And Recognized Way Of Diamond Extraction

Meaning Of Ethical Practices

Sustainable sourcing of rough diamonds that are free from the influence of Rebel Group or have never been used for financing such groups in past are known as ethical practices.

Ethical Practices that are expected to be adhere during extraction of diamond are as follows:

  • Procurement of diamonds, metals, and other precious stones from vendors that offer the highest level of socio-economic criteria.
  • Ensuring the highest level of ethical standards while importing diamonds from foreign countries.
  • Avoid sourcing diamonds from areas involved in the abuse of human rights.
  • In-depth research of mining and refinement of gold throughout supply chain management.
  • Encouraging sourcing from vendors involved in recycling of gold.

Importance Of Implementing Ethical Practices

A customer is moved by the thought of knowing the history, sourcing, and manufacturing of the product that they will be owning for the rest of their life. Jewelry items are the ones belonging to that are precious and dear to the owner. We believe in sharing completely transparent information about the product. To offer a sense of surety about the ethical sourcing of their diamond.

What Makes Us Different?

Rosec Jewels is an active participant in ethical business practices We are devoted to sourcing diamonds from the point of view of a responsible citizen.

We offer diamonds that have the following characteristics:

  • Not involved directly or indirectly in the financing of Rebel Group.
  • Have been extracted without causing any abuse to Human or Human rights.
  • Not encouraging Environment degradation.
  • Promotes and supports Community Development

Know All About Diamonds

Diamonds are highly-valued gemstones that are considered the strongest composition is known to mankind. The extraction of these beautiful dazzling stones is initiated using different kinds of mining. Such as Pipe Mining which is carried out using either of the two mining processes; open-pit mining and underground mining; marine mining and alluvial mining. But, mining needs to be carried out in an ethical way and we will be getting conflict-free diamonds. The other way to get diamonds is by using man-made processes to create diamonds and recycling diamonds.


Natural Diamonds

A carbon composition that was created over a period of 3 billion years and was under intense pressure and high temperature below the surface of Earth is termed a Natural Diamond. After processing and polishing natural diamonds, our industry receives finely crafted pieces of art; a shining solitaire which is later shaped and cut into different forms such as round, oval, princess, heart, pear, marquise, radiant, and many more. Customers prefer having natural diamonds to welcome the goodness of this gemstone in their life. We understand the needs of our customers and prioritize sourcing natural diamonds to create mesmerizing diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants.

Recycled Diamonds

The diamonds that have aged well and have been loved by their previous owner are now ready to enhance the shine in their next owner's life are considered recycled diamonds. There is no compromise over the finishing and polishing of these little pieces of goodness at our end. It is one of the most innovative steps taken by the jewelry industry to re-use extracted natural diamonds for a new inning. We transparently share the type of diamonds in our product description, please check the same before finalizing your order details.

Lab Created Diamonds

The advancement of technology has given mankind the power to create diamonds in a controlled environment that is confined to a laboratory. Replication of natural processes is done in the laboratory in order to create lab-created diamonds. It is a mining-free process to create natural diamonds and are having similar characteristics to a natural diamond. If it is not labeled as lab-grown/lab-created, it is hard to differentiate between natural and lab-created diamonds. We transparently share the labeling of products for the facility of our valuable customers in the product description.

Accent Diamonds

The tiny little pieces that enhance the look of a necklace or a bracelet are accent diamonds. Accent diamonds are real diamonds but have a very small dimension as compared to a solitaire. These are strictly sourced using the Kimberly Process from authentic sources worldwide. We ensure procurement of accent diamonds from such ethical sources.