Ring Size Guide

Here is your chance to measure your ring size to complete your order summary for the diamond ring that you have picked for yourself. We are here to help you pick the perfect fit ring. The various methods that can help you measure and determine your ring size are:

Ring Size

Method 1: Measure Your Ring Size Using String, Ruler And A Paper.

The best way to measure your ring size is by noting down the measurement using a ruler. We have divided the task into a few steps to ease out the process for you:

Step 1: Place a string around your finger and do not tighten the circumference. You can use paper in place of a string.

Step 2: Mark the points over the string or paper; please mark the start and endpoint to reflect the circumference of your finger.

Step 3: Use a ruler and measure the length in mm.

Step 4: Check the size chart and consider the closet size as per the mm.

Finally, you have got your finger size in a quick 2 min.

Ring Size

Method 2: Measure Your Ring Size Using A Ring You Already Own And Our Ring Size Calculator.

In order to measure your ring size using a ring, grab a ring, a paper that has a printed ring size calculator. (we have added a paper copy that you can easily download)

Step 1: Try out the ring you already own and check the fit. In case, it is tight or loose please avoid using such ring.

Step 2: Take out the print of our ring size calculator and place the ring over the circles, ensuring to measure the outer and inner circumference of the ring.

Step 3: The circle on the left side is the inner circumference and the outer one is on the left.

Step 4: Please go for a higher size than the calculated one, it will be your suggestively ideal fit.

At last, you have your ring size ready.

Help Options To Let You Enjoy The Best Fit Ring!

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In Case Of Resizing

Your concerns about your ring are acceptable at our end. The ring which is very loose or is extremely tight cannot be worn and we completely understand such facts. We will be granting you an opportunity to get your ring resized with the help of our experts. We have a team of experts who are strictly engaged in the task of resizing the rings and ensuring that there is no harm caused to the design, stone, or overall presence of the ring.

Please Note- In some designs resizing is not possible and we will be sharing the details about the same.

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In Case Of Wrong Ring Size

Replacement is the best solution offered to our customers in case of such issue we will help you get another size and enjoy the purchase experience with us. Please have a look at the return and replacement policy that is designed by us for the facility of our customers.

Tips To Help You Get Accurate Ring Size

  • While calculating your finger size, please recheck the measurement of the ruler at least 2-3 times for accuracy.

  • Print 100% display of the ring size calculator for the high level of accuracy.

  • Prefer the latter part of the day to measure the ring size as your hands will be warm, morning hours during the winter season make your hands shrink a bit.

  • In case, you find the task complex, you can get your finger size measured at any nearby jewelry store.
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