How can you be a part of Rosec Affiliate Program?

Join us as an affiliate to head towards a fun-filled journey of introducing your audience to a world of stunning jewelry while earning lucrative benefits!

Step 1: SIGN UP
Anybody is invited to sign up for the affiliate program, without any additional charges. Simply click on ‘Register Now’ to join.

Fill up your details in the application form and submit. Once your account is approved from our end, you can join us an official affiliate.

You’d be directly headed towards an affiliate dashboard which makes the entire process super convenient for you!

How can you monetize your traffic?

1. Under the dashboard, you can seamlessly generate your own referral link (which can also be product specific) that is to be used for promotions. Here are some tried and trusted promotion strategies you can resort to:

● Share the referral link with your friends/ family.
● Promote it on your social media handles, blogs, etc.
● Set up an Instagram affiliate shop.

2. For every purchase successfully made via your referral link ( reflected on the dashboard ), you’ll be rewarded with a 5% commission that shall be credited to your account within 30 days.

Note: You’ll be asked to share your account details for us to proceed with the payment.

Why to Choose Rosec Jewel’s Affiliate Program

Earn 5% Commission on each sale.

Get offer code for your audience.

Earn $50 Bonus on every 50 sales.

An easy to understand Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Rosec Jewels Affiliate Program?

Rosec Jewels Affiliate Program is made to facilitate you with the opportunity to earn lucrative benefits by by joining as an affiliate partner and promoting our wide selection of products to your audience. For every sale generated as a result of your marketing efforts, we reward you with up to 5% commission.

Is the Affiliate Program open to everyone?

Yes, absolutely!
Everyone is eligible to join us as an affiliate. Best of all, it’s free of charge.

What is the affiliate commission structure?

We offer a lucrative commission, i.e. 10% of each jewelry purchased via your referral link.

What are the benefits of joining?

We go the extra mile to ensure that associating with us ends up to be a honorable as well as profitable experience for you. Staying true to that,we not only reward you with a generous 5% commission, but also provide you with an offer code for your audience, an exciting $50 bonus on every 50 sales, and best of all, an opportunity to connect with new audience (which in turn can help enhance your user return rate). Besides that, the registration is open to everyone (regardless of their profession). As an added advantage, we help you track, analyze, and in turn, enhance your performance conveniently through an easy to use dashboard. Moreover, the commission is credited in a hassle-free manner within 30 days of the purchase made through your referral link.

How can I join the Affiliate Marketing Program?

If you’re interested in joining us as an affiliate partner, simply head to the top of the page and click on ‘Register now.’ Once done, you’d be headed towards an affiliate application form. Simply fill all your details and submit. Once your account is approved from our end, you can officially join us as an Affiliate.

How are my referrals tracked?

Once you register, we share a dashboard with you that allows you to track and monitor your performance 24/7. It boasts information on the impressions and sales generated via your referral links.

Do you provide any help with referrals?

Our team offers you round the clock support to help you out in case you face any issues. You can simply get in touch with us via Email: or call: (+1) 318 479 0290

When do I get paid?

The commission will be credited within 30 days of the order placed via your referral link.

Do I earn commission for canceled or returned orders?

The Orders canceled, declined, or returned do not qualify for commission.

Is there a cap on how many referrals I can make? Or how much recurring revenue I can earn?

No, the good news is that there are no caps. You’re free to make as many referrals as you can.

Have more questions?

No worries, we’re always here to help you out with all your queries. You can connect with our team over a call: (+1) 318 479 0290 or Email us on: Looking forward to having you onboard!